Aug 21

Parcan 8D


115 $

The interface is not the original system Parking assistance Steel Mate and head unit car Volkswagen.

_MG_9530Interface Parcan is intended to align the system Parking assistance “Steel Mate” (4 front and 4 rear sensors) and the regular head unit car Volkswagen. Using the interface Parcan has the following features:

– speed information display 4 front / 4 rear Parking sensors;
– pricechange the sound volume when displaying the information of the sensors;
– complete duplication of code staff Parking system;
– the absence of a diagnosed errors associated with connecting a new unit.
– option to turn off the front Parking sensors long hold control.

Remember!!! System Parking assistance is an assistant driver should not reduce vigilance and designation of mirrors. Interface Parcan fully transmits a signal on which the objects generated by the block “Steel Mate”, so “dead zone” and “mirroring objects inherent in the Parking assistant “Steel Mate” will also be played using the interface Parcan.

The bus CAN drive
ACC +12V
Plug in the block “Steel Mate”

Power supply: 9V-14V;
The block size
management Parcan: HH mm;
The speed CAN bus: bet/s;
The time responses of the interface Parcan: 50ms;
Current consumption: 20 mA; Temperature From -35 – +80;
The length of the interface cable Parcan-5m fall.

Work Parking interface Parcan 8D on Skoda Octavia A7.