Oct 17

Manual dosimeter GR-15


User manual for R-Tracker GR-15.
The dosimeter R-Tracker GR-15.

For power up -push the button “ON/OFF”. Automatically start three cycles of measurements (three time, each 15 seconds). The first cycle of measurement: on the digital display you can see (example: 1 XX.XX). After 15 sec. the second cycle of measurements – on the display indicates (example: 2 XX.XX)., after 15 sec. – the third cycle, on the display indicates (example: 3 XX.XX). There are three cycles of measurements for accurating results. After the third cycle, you will get the exact level of radiation  equivalent dose, in µSv/h.
If you have a radioactive sample for measurements, you can start measuring the sample after the third cycle only.

Open menu with button “Func”. Browse menu with buttom “Func” too. Change settings in menu with
button “Unit”. To quit Menu, press button “ON/OFF”. Or after 15 sec. automatically.
1. Sound on/off: press the button “Func”, you can see on the display “S – On” (sound on), or “S –
OFF”(sound off). Change the sound button “Unit”. If on the digital display icon is lit “cal”, this means sound
On. The function does not disable the alarm.
2. If you press the button “Func” again, you will see the following menu (turn on/off the backlight).
For display light, parameter L- On: On the display (L- On). Parameter changes button “Unit”.
3. If you press the button “Func” again, you will see the following menu “Express mode” onoff, on
the display (E- On, E- OFF). Parameter changes button “Unit”. For normal measurement parameter “E” is
off (on the display E- OFF). Express mode mean: Measurement every 5 seconds and approximated. Its a
very fast but not accurate measurement. Mode allows you to search the source of radiation.
4. If you press the button “Func” again, you will see the following menu “Programming of audio
alarm threshold level of radiation”. On the display (H- 0.30 or 0.40 or 0.50 or no) in µSv/h. Normal
threshold up to 0.30. Parameter changes button “Unit”. If changes parameter “no” – the red light is off.
5. If you press the button “Func” again, you leave the menu.
During the measurement, you can freeze the display on the last level of radiation with button “Unit”
(you can see mark – HOLD). Function is useful if you can not see the display during measurement (remote places). Pressing the button “Unit” will display the maximum level of radiation for the measurement ( you can see mark – MAX). Pressing the button “Unit” one more time – minim. measurement level of radiation ( you can see mark – MIN).
The auto exit from any of function, from menu to the measurement – after 15 sec.
Green light – the level of gamma radiation is less than your threshold. The level of radiation is normal.
Or the threshold is OFF in the menu. Red light – the level of gamma radiation is more than your threshold.

Made in Evrolab.